Welcome to KFUM Uppsala Windsurfing club!

We are a nonprofit organization that is part of the KFUMUppsala and are working for promotion of mainly windsurfing, but also for other non-motorized water sports, such as SUP, Kite and ice-surfing. The aim of the organization is that the club should be a natural meeting point for Uppsala practitioners of windsurfing, as well as to promote the sport’s development and growth. To achieve this, we organize surf trips, training evenings, beginner courses, club championships and even social events. In addition, we offer our members to use the club’s windsurfing equipment so that if you are a beginner, you can learn the first steps on our loan equipment! As a member, you also have the option to acquire a storage for your equipment.

Everyone who think it’s fun to windsurf are all welcome to us. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how long you’ve been doing it. EVERYONE is welcome! We have our fantastic facility down at Alnäs about 10 km south of Uppsala, where we have our own clubhouse with associated “Surf Lounge”.

To fully take advantage of your membership, you should obtain a member key that gives you access to the club house, the road barrier and containers with loan equipment. More info about all this follows below.


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If you want to discuss surf with other members we also recommend the Facebook group  “Vindsurfing Uppsala”


New member?
To become a member, please create an account here: 



New key system 2018, more info soon.


As a member, you have access to the club room, which is next to the water. This is a heated room with access to running water, microwave, chairs, etc. In a separate house, you also have access to toilet / shower / sauna. To get access to these facilities require that you get a key (see previous paragraph).


If you have your own equipment and want to keep it at Alnäs you have the opportunity to acquire a storage for your equipment adjacent to the club premises. Unfortunately, it’s quite a long queue for these. To put you in line, contact Bertil Larsson på 018-42 15 56 or

This storage is not covered by any insurance.


As a member of the club you have access to complete beginner’s equipment. Borrowing equipment is available in the container close to the water and can be used at any time, but there are some guidelines that must be followed. Below you will find these rules.


  • Any use of the equipment is at your own risk! Basic knowledge of windsurfing required to borrow.
  • There is NO option to be picked up by boat – you have to be able to get back to the dock by yourself regardless of the weather.
  • No equipment may leave Alnäs area.
  • All equipment must be left as found in its proper place.
  • Wetsuit / lifejacket / harness is NOT available to borrow.
  • Should any materials be damaged, please contact one of the board or send an email to and tell us what is broken.


We organize a number of events such as surf trip to Öland, Christmas party and Wednesday training. Details and dates for all activities can be found on the following page:


  • Always lock the barrier/ storage/ room
  • Always park your car in the parking lot. It is okey to drive down to load/unload stuff – but afterwards, return the car to the parking lot!
  • Clean up after yourself – especially indoors. Throw garbage bin outside so it does not rot in the kitchen.
  • KFUM Alnäs youth activities are going on during the summer and they use the pier. Show respect and do not surf near any swimming children!