Windsurfing courses

UVK offers a 2-day weekend course for those who want to take the first step to becoming a windsurfer. New for this year is also that we're able to offer more advanced courses thanks to Thomas, who is a new instructor in the club. See more info below.

We can also arrange courses for associations and companies. Request can be mailed to

Beginners course

Our popular 2 day weekend course in windsurfing is your first step to becoming a windsurf! The course usually attracts both you who have never been on a board before and you surfed earlier and want a fresh start. We adapt the courses to the different circumstances of the individual and try to suit everyone. We start with a theory section and then run simulator training. Then we get out on the water to start exercising .. All you need to bring is a happy mood. All equipment is included in the course fee.

  • Access to instructor
  • At least one complete windsurfing board with rig (mast, boom and sail) per course participant
  • Wet suit
  • Life jacket Landsimulator
  • Dressing room with shower
  • Access to the kitchen in the clubhouse.
  • As a participant in the surf course, you automatically become a member of UVK and this for the club's insurance to apply and that you will be able to borrow new equipment after the course.

Preliminary dates 2018

      • 30 Juni - 1 Juli
      • 28-29 Juli
      • 4-5 Augusti 
      • 11-12 Augusti 
      • 18-19 Augusti 



  • Course fee 1.400 SEK (2×5 hours)


  • Time: Usually 09-14
  • The requirement is that at least 8 people sign up for a course
  • For your safety, we have the requirement that all participants should be able to swim at least 200 meters.


Private-/Continuation course (In English)

Do you want to learn how to start planing, improve your stance and take a step closer to the perfect jibe, then our continuing course is something for you.

New for this year we are able to offer further courses thanking Thomas, who is a new instructor of the club.

Thomas has previously worked as a professional instructor for 5 years at various windsurfing centers in Europe. The courses will be held in English. There will be no fixed dates for the courses as they depend on different wind conditions. After you have resistred your interest in the form below, you and Thomas will find a date together that fits. Enter in the comment field if you have any desired data references.



 Semi Private-lesson (minst 2 personer)

 Grupp-lesson 3h  (at least 3 persons)

 Price per hour and person 500 SEK 350 SEK 200 SEK
  Fifth hour is free Fifth hour is free Fifth hour is free 


If you do not have your own equipment, you can borrow from us. Also wetsuit can be borrowed.


  • For the group courses, the requirement is that at least 3 people register for a course for it to take place.

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